Dear Self

I genuinely love you. You know how unique and perfect you are? You aren’t like others and frankly, don’t even be like them. 🙂

Your attitude in which you handle situations, your perspective of feeling things, your energy that is keeping you alive and motivated throughout the day, your confidence in yourself which lightens up your face, your friend circle with whom you can be your own self, your family with whom you can share your feelings, fears, and love, your life which is just yours and nobody has any right on it except you….

All these things that you have are making you look different and trust me you have best of them all. Don’t ever feel nervous because you are too skinny or too fat or too fair or too dark or too short or too tall or anything which you think is making you weird.

Remember, you are YOU and nobody can ever be like you.

You are beautiful in a way nobody else can ever be.

So, smile and cheers and enjoy this amazing roller coaster ride call Life.

Love and lot more Love to you.

Yours Passionately,



She was a playerin a game called Lifesociety stated the rulesand dreams became her guidelinesroad was toughbut destination was prettydetermination became her supportand hopes- her lifeline…Together they created historywhen her hardwork led to victory! –Daffodil


Wrap yourself up with thorns,
the World isn’t safe“,
my Mom warned me.

you came and
loved me,
caressed me,
and transformed me
into a beautiful rose-
destroying my thorns,
only to undress my petals,
one by one,
leaving behind nothing but,
a dead soul.

Wrap yourself up with thorns,
the World isn’t safe“,
my Mom warned me.